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European Strategy for Socio-Economic Recovery of Southeastern Europe after COVID-19 induced crisis

Southeastern European countries may face the worst economic performance since the 2008/2009 crisis.

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Why? The COVID-19 crisis has an impact on the socio-economic and political realities in Southeastern Europe, which is contextualized by the fear of the inability of the European Union (EU) and its Member States (MS) to take immediate action and to avoid a long-term regional crisis.

Who? Through the coordination of the weTHINK. knowledge platform, 8 regional actors, and 10 experts have together assessed the situation and subsequently elaborated a joint policy roadmap.

How?  The policy roadmap was formulated on the basis of research findings, results of expert interviews, exchanges during round table discussions and the consideration of policy analyses. 

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Iran's Security Strategy in the Middle East

Iran’s security strategy in the Middle East has mainly been directed by ruling domestic actors...

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Israel's Security Strategy in the Middle East

Israel ́s security strategy in the Middle East is predominantly influenced by the Prime Minister...

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Smederevo Steel Mill

Smederevo Steel mill is a large steel-producing plant with around 5000...

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Zrenjanin Tire Factory

Zrenjanin Tire factory project represents one of the largest green-field investments...

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EU Comprehensive Strategy towards the Chinese BRI

EU state and non state actors should be inspired by elements from the BRI. The BRI is a mirror showing us the insufficiencies of our own system...

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Historically UAVs have been present in combat activities, since 19th century...

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Who are the crucial stakeholders of the Ukrainian gas sector?

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