We are a small team trying to make a difference. Please help us to improve our services by donating and reporting bugs. Thank you!

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weTHINK.eu Construction - Business Network

weTHINK.eu Construction Business Network goal is to

  • Bring together all key actors (companies, banks, ministries, industry associations etc.) from the infrastructure and construction industry in Europe.
  • Brainstorm and develop new business ideas, market and cooperation, 
  • Through an online crowd knowledge platform – weTHINK.eu.
  • Through monthly online meetings.
  • To exchange information. 
  • To analyze and forecast market developments in Europe and neighboring regions. 
  • To facilitate cooperation between all key actors in the construction sector to develop joint projects and develop strategies to improve the business, legal, political, public procurement environment.
  • To strengthen the position of the European construction sector and its supply chain.

You can check below specific products accessible to our business club members, join our monthly meeting, or propose a meeting subject for us to organize a dedicated discussion on.

Business Network
Per Month / 900€ Per Year


  • Join the weTHINK.eu Construction Business Network for exclusive content!
Join now

*The minimum subscription is for 12 months. If you want to renounce your participation you can do so by sending a written notice 30 days in advance before your billing date. 

weTHINK. Construction - Business Club

weTHINK.eu Western Balkans Construction Database

weTHINK.eu Online Monthly Network Meetings

weTHINK.eu Strategic Construction Market Analysis Library.

weTHINK.eu Construction InfoBrief.

weTHINK.eu Chinese Construction Projects around the world

weTHINK.eu Construction Business Network fosters cooperation, provides meaningful and timely insights and builds a resilient and trustful business community in Europe by

  • Bringing together all key actors (banks, ministres, companies) from the infrastructure and construction industry
  • Analyzing and forecasting market developments
  • Building a vibrant and reliable business network
  • developing construction business projects together aimed to facilitate cooperation between all actors engaged in the construction sector (from financing institutions to regulators and contractors).

Joining weTHINK Construction Business Network you can...

  • Access to our Databases 
    • Network and establish partnerships through direct B2B meetings on the weTHINK.eu platform in a Closed Group Settings.
    • Attend weTHINK.eu Online Monthly Network Meetings
      • Forecasting the construction sector in one country/region.
      • Every meeting will have a guest speaker from the focus country and a short presentation on business opportunities from local companies.
      • A detailed InfoBrief on all the important dynamics in the specific country/region is also shared with all the network members before the meeting.
      • Members can propose specific topics for our meetings and depending on the general interest, the weTHINK team would organize. 
      • The list of participants and speakers will be shared with members 1 week in advance.
  • Consult our Strategic Project Analysis library where we have currently 20 project and market analysis detailing on:
    • Important construction and infrastructure projects ongoing or planned in the region.
    • A detailed market analysis on country and regional basis.
    • Thorough analysis of actors engaged in the construction and infrastructure projects, their interests and strategies.
  • Propose a discussion topic for the Monthly Network Meeting and weTHNIK.eu team will investigate and organize the meeting in case it fits the agenda and interests of network members.
  • Get access to a wide network of companies and actors engaged with the construction sector in Europe.

What are my advantages?

Joining the Network:

  • Connects you with companies and relevant actors from the construction sector all across Europe,
  • Develop new business ideas and projects,
  • To participate in the setting of the network meetings‘ agenda,
  • Get premium access to our database and strategic analyses.
  • Allows you to get information on projects, market forecast,
  • Facilitates participation in moderated discussions,
  • Suggest further countries/regions for research and coverage.