EU Comprehensive Strategy towards the Chinese BRI

1. Comprehensive Strategy 

1.1 General 

  • EU state and non state actors should be inspired by elements from the BRI
  • The BRI is a mirror showing us the insufficiencies of our own system

1.2. Build a culture of long term strategic thinking  

  • Conduct an information campaign to stress the need for longer term strategic visions in media and politics
  • EU hosted social media platforms should be developed to counteract  hype driven discussion.

1.3 Build a culture of cross sectoral and cross member states strategy 

  • Austrian strategy actors lead the discussion in the EU towards an offensive strategy towards the BRI
  • The goals and strategy ideas of all major Strategy Makers in the EU on the BRI should be mapped
  • Bring all major EU Strategy Makers to a yearly strategy development  conference in Vienna (BRI and EU broad)

2. Information

The EU needs a global vision and information campaign like the BRI

  • THINK of a better brand name then EU Asia connectivity
  • Make it global and ambitious
  • Combine internal and external vision
  • Use a broad vision and the backfilling effect
  • Engage strategy actors and the broad public in submitting ideas

2.1 Political 

  • Develop biannually an EU comprehensive strategy vision for the Balkans, Central Asia and Africa that is more inclusive than just security and development  aid.
  • Encourage every member state government and ministries to develop own goals and strategy towards Chinese BRI and other geographical areas.
  • Provide a clear perspective for the Western Balkans (WB) countries for EU associations to strengthen the EU’s economic and political influence.

2.2 17+1 mechanism

  • Convert 17+1 from speed dating into an active political instrument.
  • Improve information exchange between the 17 participating countries.
  • Nominate one coordinating country chairing each year.
  • Develop a list of demands towards the chinese partners.
  • Turnaround the proven learning mechanisms between 17 countries
  • Establish a national coordinating center (like Bulgaria) in all 17 countries.

3. Economic 

3.1 Visionary projects

  • Develop visionary projects like Airbus
  • Topics can be E-mobility/5G/ hydrogen technology/ AI
  • Develop state support fund for visionary project
  • Develop united start up market and funding in the EU to reduce transaction

3.2 Reciprocity of market access 

  • EBRD procurement standards are in place but not enough political pressure behind it.
  • EU chambers of commerce should build a coalition with companies to demand that EU companies can participate in public procurement in China and market access (level playing field)
  • Introduce last call for domestic companies in EU funded projects
  • Unite industry association and workers unions to check procurement criteria in EU and candidate countries
  • Speed up EU China International Procurement Instrument
  • EU competition agencies need to look at international competitors when judging mergers of companies in the EU. They need to allow the building of European champions.(merger Alsthom/Siemens)

3.3 Infrastructure 

  • Increase EU funding for transport infrastructure development (railroads) to the neighbouring regions (Russia, Central Asia, The Middle East, and Northern Africa)
  • Make an offensive strategy to get transportation hubs under our control (ports, railroads junctures)
  • EU strategy makers should come together to demand more clear investment and project plans from the Chinese to get planning certainty

3.4 Technology transfer 

  • White knight fund (state/ private) to buy key technology companies
  • FDI screening for all key technologies (AI, semiconductor, security, sensitive infrastructure) in Europe

4. Research and development

  • Stronger integration of civil and military research (DARPA)
  • United National and EU funding and make it easier to apply (one application center) EU H2020 is way too complicated
  • Make open application possible

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