weTHINK. Construction is a dedicated project that looks into the European Construction and Infrastructure Sector.

We bring together all major strategy actors (ministries, politicians, companies, chambers, unions etc.) from the area of construction and supply chain from Europe and the surrounding regions. 

We aim to

  • to outline a European Strategy for the Construction and Infrastructure Sector.
  • to develop industry specific strategies in closed groups on the online crowd knowledge platform weTHINK.eu.
  • to provide a knowledge platform in order to outline solution that could strengthen the European construction industry and
  • foster cooperation and dialogue between regional and European actors involved in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector.

weTHINK. Construction is comprised of several subprojects:

weTHINK. Construction

Strategic project analyses:

Currently – 15 in depth analyses of specific projects detailing on engaged actors, strategy options for European companies, forecasted scenarios and major issues.

weTHINK. Construction Database for Western Balkans, including:

  • 1300+ major infrastructure and construction projects;
  • Detailed info on more than 35 different variables;
  • Constant updates on ongoing, forecasted or finished projects.
  • Covering currently Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

weTHINK. Construction:

Chinese Project around the world:

  • 1200+ project with Chinese involvement around the world.
  • 15 variables covered per project.
  • 20 different sectors analyzed.

weTHINK. Construction Expert roundtables and dedicated industry group, offering:

  • Possibility to engage into industry specific discussions and formulate policy suggestions.
  • Monthly industry Brief on major evolution in  the industry.
  • Special market reports and updates covering relevant industry topics.

weTHINK. Construction

Company Register:

  • 50+ companies active in the Western Balkan region.
  • Detailed info on the Projects  in which companies are engaged.
  • 10 different indicators to evaluate companies active in this sector.

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